Dr. Leonardo Vando MD


Finding the person for your mental health is probably just as hard as finding the right person to trust and
open up to. I am honored to be a psychiatrist and love what I do. I have been blessed to be able to practice
this form of healing and consider myself a true follower of the discipline.

Since 2001, I have been able to practice medicine and psychiatry at the highest level. Learning from very
wise and experienced teachers. Eventually founding and overseeing a large mental health facility in NYC.
I have formal training in both General and Addiction Psychiatry and maintain a dual board certification.
Over the years, I have treated patients from all walks of life, from homelessness to Oscar winners. From
helping the amateur athlete achieve peak performance to consult on MLB substance use and ADHD
programs. Most recently, I am the medical director of an innovative mental health and wellbeing practice
that treats anxiety and depression with guided Ketamine therapy.

During this time, I have accumulated a large set of skills and processes that have allowed me to
understand how change comes about and what are the tools needed to alleviate suffering.

I believe in conscious prescribing, kindness in acting and sincerity in speaking. I am an athlete, practice
meditation daily and believe in living simply and being fair.

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