Evan Kirstein

Wellness Coach

Evan is a speaker, author and an ADHD coach certified by the International Coaches Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP), by the Professional Association of ADHD Coaching (PAAC). A leader in his field, Evan holds a board position on the ADHD Coaching Organization (ACO) as the Membership Chair. Committing his energy to the advancement of ADHD Coaches as a profession and awareness of this transparent learning disability.

His approach is authentic, passionate and invokes one’s foundation to change through deep awareness and ownership. From his diverse teaching experience, Evan has the ability to command the attention of a room all while developing a warm demeanor that guides his audience through any lesson or journey.

Evan was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder in grade school, and has since decided that awareness and empowerment are the foundation for growth. He himself has an amazing personal story of overcoming failures within a toxic environment. With his personal experience alone, he had the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the services necessary to support those affected with ADHD and their families. As a teacher, he has held his patience against the toughest classrooms and thrived with misunderstood teenagers. He advocates for students and consults plans for their parents.

Progressive Growth Coaching was launched in the Winter of 2014 by Evan Kirstein after a career in Education, Special Education, and as a Director of Special Education programming for an independent company in Southern California. Currently, Evan Coaches and Consults professionals in Austin, Texas, and has developed a practice aimed at leveraging a growth mindset while progressing the barriers of self-development.

He’s committed himself to learning about this disorder, challenging the boundaries and sharing these lessons to serve his community. While serving his clients through personal, professional and behavioral goals that are exacerbated by ADHD symptoms, he has curated the E-Book book 6 Ways to Execute like an Executive in order to explicitly teach Executive Function skills to the population who lack them. He uses the tactics’ co created from the diligent entrepreneur to courageous cooperates of New York City. Even in his writing, you can see that Evan strives to bring out the potential in each client who is destined to take ownership of their future.  

Although the United States is at the height of diagnosing ADHD, a large population hides under the radar and will not receive the appropriate treatments. Evan is driven to create awareness to community, intervention and empowerment for students to reach their potential, and ownership to those that face the shame of the symptoms that come from living with ADHD.

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