Jeanine Primm Jones, LMSW

Wellness Coach

Jeanine Primm Jones has become widely known as a creative culturally sensitive relationship health educator. Her customized relationship health seminars have been performed nationwide for schools, colleges, municipalities, national and international sports teams, parents and other community groups. She is well-known for her frank discussions and creative technique of integrating appropriate lyrics from current and popular music clips, mixed grooves, beats and sound effects into the scripts of her interactive seminars.

In 1989, Jeanine’s health career began as a Disease Intervention Specialist in Brooklyn, NY, where she convinced STD patients to identify and to notify partners. She later coordinated the AIDS program for the Narcotics Rehabilitation Center at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. In the early 1990’s, Jeanine directed the Counseling and HIV Testing Program and Hotline for the City of Cambridge, MA., establishing HIV testing in Cambridge Hospital, high school, and six neighborhood health centers.

She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work in 1996 at Simmons College, where she received the Dean’s Leadership Award. She developed Project TEACH in Harlem, NY, the first African-American user-friendly HIV treatment education model for people infected with and affected by the virus. Jeanine also has served on the Treatment Advisory Board of the National Minority AIDS Council, written articles on various health topics, authored a domestic violence prevention handbook for males and created the newsletter ‘Treatment Talk’ designed for HIV Positive African Americans.

From 1998 to 2008, Jeanine designed and presented innovative relationship health seminars and individual relationship health coaching for professional and prospective professional basketball players. For ten years, her seminars, always highest rated among player programs, were required for all National Basketball Association (NBA) players (three times a year for Rookies, once a year for veterans). Seminar topics ranged from managing sex and dating, sexual infection prevention and education, to managing relationships with partners, potential partners, children and estranged partners. Her domestic violence prevention program (handbook and seminar with music) was also presented to National Football League (NFL) players.

In NYC, from 2009 to 2011, Jeanine provided mental health assessments and group therapy in rehabilitation programs for opiate-addicted patients at ARTC (Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation).

For over 10 years Jeanine has been a partner in Health Disparities Services, LLC her family’s social health education speaking firm, conducting abuse prevention (relationship bullying) seminars specifically for prep schools, colleges, camps, clinics, conferences and detention programs.

She’s passionate about relationship health/well-being coaching with adults and adolescents. She enjoys watercolor painting and is an accomplished portrait artist.  She also spends much of her free time lap swimming and practicing yoga, and biking and kayaking with her husband.

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