Wellness Coach

Karen Reass is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, an Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, Certified Clinical Interventionist and a Certified Structure Recovery Counselor. Karen’s passion is educating and inspiring all those impacted by addiction as she believes in the power of families and communities healing together.

With three decades of experience at every level of care and training with the finest thought leaders in the field, Karen blends her wealth of personal and professional experience to warmly engage her clients with wisdom, clarity, and humor.  Trained in Structured Family Recovery®, CRAFT and ARISE, she provides clear strategies to navigate the recovery process for the families she works with presenting new options for the restoration of integrity.

Working with Karen will help families see the interconnectedness of the journey towards wellness as she illuminates the path that is accessible to anyone that wants to support the recovery process.

Karen Reass is Certified as a Structured Recovery Counselor® by Love First Inc. *STRUCTURED FAMILY RECOVERY® is a specific, well-defined program for addiction recovery management leveraging family systems conducted by practitioners who have completed the Love First, Inc. STRUCTURED FAMILY RECOVERY® Counselor training program and are certified by Love First, Inc. to conduct the program.

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