Michael Shelby, LPC, MBA

Wellness Coach

Michael Shelby has a unique approach to counseling. He spent many years helping individuals recover from a variety of addictive and behavioral problems.

With a blend of empathy and professionalism, he listens with the goal of understanding. He is focused on creating personal connections with his clients, building trusting relationships, and developing customized and attainable solutions.

Michael Shelby has almost 2 decades of experience at the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and many years working at the Rushford Treatment Centers. He learned to provide a specialized approach to guiding individuals through a tailored and individual recovery process.

Michael worked hands-on with individuals struggling and striving through every stage of the recovery and healing process. Using a compassionate and effective approach to behavioral therapy, he can provide individual, family, and group counseling, develop treatment plans, and monitor patients’ progress.

Those who have worked with Michael emphasize his ability to relate with humor and compassion. Michael is deeply committed to helping people recover and reach a better place in their lives.

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