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I currently hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and I have worked in the mental health profession since 2005.  I started as a Tobacco Cessation Coach, helping people to quit all forms of tobacco use. I learned to apply cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals develop the belief to quit tobacco.   I then worked as a counselor for the Washington State Juvenile Justice System. I learned to apply dialectic behavioral therapy to help juvenile offenders understand how to disengage from self-defeating behaviors while building a life worth living.  I have also worked in community based mental health centers, helping children and families to improve their well being. Since 2010, I have been working primarily as a substance abuse counselor, helping individuals suffering from addiction to find lasting sobriety.  Addiction is a disorder that not only affects the substance abuser but also everyone within his or her social circle. Due to my background in family systems theory, I have been able to provide a space for family members to heal from the damaging effects of addiction.  Recently, I have been utilizing a combination of cognitive based therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and interpersonal therapy approaches based on a foundation of mindfulness practices to help my clients heal, grow and thrive! I am a husband and father of two living in Florida.  I have a burning passion for music and I even incorporate it in some of my therapy work. I use handrumming and other percussions to help people express themself without verbal language.  I also love natural settings; on any given Sunday morning you might find me on the beach watching the sunrise while walking along the Atlantic Coast; I feel connected and at peace in nature.  I practice mindfulness on a daily basis; it has become an integral part of my life. It has helped me to be present and grounded. I did not set out to be a mental health therapist but decided to pursue the calling after friends and family told me that I was a good listener.  I never imagined the journey into this profession would have led me to such an intense process of self discovery and insights into the nature of our lives. I am privileged to have witnessed so many others travel through their own journey of discovery, healing and triumph. I have found my path; my path is to help you found yours.