Rachel Lane, LMHC, NCC, MCAP, BCC

Wellness Coach

My credentials spell out: Licensed Mental Health Therapist, National Certified Counselor, Masters Level Certified Addiction Professional, and Board Certified Coach. Two credentials I held for numerous years include the ICF’s ACC coaching credential (approximately 8 years) as well as the Certified Financial Planner®, which I held for 17 years. My BCC credential supersedes ICF’s credential, and I no longer formally practice financial planning. However, my education, training and expertise in this essential life skill area compliments my addiction, counseling, and coaching expertise, especially when helping clients create their new lives after discharge from treatment.
I have worked in various addiction venues over the past 15 years: residential treatment centers, court-mandated IOP agencies, college counseling centers, and in private practice. It’s my passion and my purpose to help individuals and families affected by addiction incorporate the essential recovery tools and life skills to maintain recovery and enjoy being free of the chains of addiction.

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