I began working with Andrew when I got sober a few years ago. Being that I had abused alcohol and drugs starting in my teenage years, and didn’t get sober until 32, I was unaware of how shut down I was and needed to learn how to emotionally become an adult. His deep understanding of addiction and recovery was key in the beginning but the overall breadth of his knowledge and experience really covers all areas of life. Through my work with him, I have grown into having more meaningful friendships, a better understanding of myself, a successful career in which I’m happier and more intimacy in my relationships. I am currently in a romantic relationship that is deeper and more satisfying than I previously thought was possible. It’s clear to me that this is the result of the work I did with Andrew.

The first phase of our work together was in-person in his New York office. When Andrew moved to working via video-conference, we continued our work together. Great decision on my part! I immediately experienced that not only was the connection and intimacy maintained but he could read the most minute changes of feeling and expression on my face.

Andrew is an extremely intelligent, skilled, and empathic therapist that I can’t recommend enough.
- Sean G.
Andrew helped me as I recovered from the lowest point in my life. He guided me through my feelings and my confusion about what it means to be a grownup and how best to be one. For the many years, he was my therapist, his approach was perfectly suited to my fears and hopes, both challenging and encouraging me, but never forcing a path for me.
- George
Working with Patrick has had a profound impact on my life in many different aspects. Patrick has a different approach than others I have worked with. I feel a bond with him that I’m sure countless people feel. He has gone above and beyond any expectations. I’m happy Patrick had a part in the book of my life. You impacted more people than you could ever know. Thanks for everything.
- Todd C
For the past 10 years, I’ve been in and out of therapist and psychiatrist offices. And over the past 5, I’ve been in and out of treatment centers. I had become robotic and compliant in these settings. Patrick and I immediately connected when we had our first session. He has a way of peeling off layers of the onion that I never knew were there. He has been a big part of getting me to the man I am today and would recommend him highly.
- AD