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Mr. Thomas E. Fletcher is a man that understands the power of transformation. He is one that has known what it is like to have fallen from grace and the necessity of climbing back to the top. Thomas has endured the stigmas attached to having been incarcerated as well as the struggles attached to recovering from addiction. He has taken these experiences and utilized them to enhance the values of his community members, his family and himself.

Mr. Fletcher has participated as a Recovery Coach, working with individuals seeking to reach a state of health and responsibility in sober living in their lifestyle. In this position he facilitated groups on Feelings, Enhancing Social Mobility and Increasing the Strength in the family unit. He has also assisted with the referrals of jobs and community service.

He has served as a Lead Peer Mentor, with the Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative, a program that works with low-income and at risk fathers living in Suffolk County; where he began as a client and appreciated the experience that he wanted to give back to the program and share his experiences with others. His role as a mentor gave him the opportunity to co-facilitate group meetings with other program participants to share the values of fatherhood, healthy and respectful relationships and the importance of ending domestic violence within the home.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and growth Mr. Fletcher is a man that believes in educating individuals and paying it forward. Mr. Fletcher currently is a volunteer at Federation Organization as a presenter in the Bridging the Gap Organization which he facilitating groups  in employment and reunification of the family back into the community; families affected by domestic violence; parents who are incarcerated along with behavioral or physical health issue.  With all the knowledge he holds he will be able to be the spokesperson to spread the word to others in need.