Yaneth Beltran, RD/LDN

Nutrition Coach

Yaneth takes a holistic approach to wellness by providing nutritional counseling to clients that want to establish a healthy relationship with food. She is a compassionate person, who believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship between clients and professionals.  Yaneth guides and supports clients in the process of finding balance within their bodies and lives. She helps them to understand their issues from a nutritional perspective, by counseling them and encouraging them to learn better ways to relate to their bodies.

Yaneth has 18 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of clients with different nutritional needs. She graduated from the Pontificia Javeriana University in Colombia and her thesis was graded as outstanding.  She worked in a government hospital for a year as a Dietitian and Food Service Coordinator, supervising, evaluating, and implementing the complete hospital requirements and government regulations. Yaneth also studied nutrition at Florida International University and worked at the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital administering a complex food line for 150 patients with special dietetic and feeding needs.

Yaneth worked at Coral Springs Medical Center assessing and supporting patients by providing them with their nutritional requirements to their satisfaction. Yaneth has been working at The Renfrew Center for 9 years as a Nutritionist and at Neurobehavioral Institute. There, she provides accurate nutrition counseling to improve eating habits of patients, monitoring their progress in order to ensure that their nutritional requirements are being met in accordance with their pathologies and current needs. In this process, Yaneth facilitates to develop a healthy relationship with food with her clients.

Yaneth has experience not only in individual nutritional counseling but also in group counseling. Yaneth provides nutrition education in group settings as well as educating clients in advanced meal planning, lunch group support, cooking group, supermarket tour, and mindful eating. She was a key speaker at the Renfrew conference in 2011 and facilitated “Hot Topics in Nutrition Education”. Yaneth is currently collaborating with Antioquia University in Colombia participating in research and as an advisor for graduate students.

Yaneth is passionate about counseling and motivating clients to improve their lifestyles with healthy meal plans.  She believes that while it is important to help clients recognize and change negative patterns of behavior connected to food, it is important to help people build on their strengths by supporting them and encouraging them through a trusting relationship.

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