Lisa Frederiksen, Author|Speaker|Trainer|Consultant

Wellness Coach

39+ Year Career in Executive Management, Consulting, Speaking, Training, and Writing.

Most recent 15 years have studied current and state-of-the-art research on brain wiring, mapping, and development; toxic stress; substance use disorders (addiction); mental illness (disorders); adverse childhood experiences (ACEs); and related topics. Pioneered and articulated connections between neuroscience, social environment, and the developmental causes of addiction (substance use disorders) and co-occurring disorders, offering new modalities and approaches to prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery for individuals, families, and communities.

Developed the concept of secondhand drinking –the negative impacts of a person’s drinking behaviors on others –to address the physical and emotional health and quality-of-life consequences for more than 75 million Americans who are affected by a person’s drinking behaviors (concept applies similarly to secondhand drugging – the negative impacts of a person’s drug addiction/drug abuse behaviors on others).

Founder of and SHDPrevention. Lisa is also an author of eleven books of which the most recent five are on addiction (substance use disorders) and secondhand drinking as well as a speaker with 30+ years of public speaking experience with most recent 15 as a National Keynote Speaker.

Lisa is a trainer and Single Activity Provider for the California Bar Association’s substance abuse/mental illness MCLE (continuing education) requirement (Provider #15372). She developed and produced a 46-minute online educational training video using 21  Century brain research explaining alcohol misuse, secondhand drinking, stress, and brain health. This video is currently under license and is employed by the Kansas City Police Department and Ft. Irwin National Training Center.

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